On June 18, 2024, a crucial executive oversight visit was conducted across multiple project sites, focusing on critical infrastructure developments and road resurfacing initiatives. Led by the executive mayor, MMCs and key officials, the visit aimed to assess progress, address challenges, and ensure the efficient implementation of these vital projects.

The visit commenced at the Landfill site, where sustainable waste management practices were assessed to ensure environmental compliance and community well-being. Discussions centred on enhancing waste segregation methods and implementing recycling programs to minimise environmental impact.

At the Kisser Reservoir, the executive team were given progress on efforts to bolster water abstraction and storage capacity. Discussions highlighted the successes and challenges on the construction of the reservoir aimed at improving water storage and distribution effectiveness.

The executive oversight then shifted to the Water Treatment Plant, where progress on the refurbishments of the plant was assessed. Emphasis was placed on meeting water quality standards. The progress is well that the Executive Mayor emphasised on the fast-tracking of the process that will ultimately lead to the upgrade of the plant to meet the growing demand.

Wastewater Treatment Plant inspection highlighted the impressive work already done to comply with environmental regulations and the court order. The team also discussed the future expansion plans to meet growing community needs, ensuring sustainable wastewater management. The visit underscored the municipality’s proactive approach to enhancing public health and environmental quality.

The ongoing road resurfacing project in ward 3 is part of phase two of the project, managed by SANRAL, aims to enhance the durability and safety of main roads crucial for local transportation and economic activities.

He said phase three of the project will see the main streets in Sakhile being resurfaced while the work of patching potholes in ongoing.

The executive mayor expressed confidence about the project’s impact, stating, “Improving our road infrastructure is essential for the growth and prosperity of our community. This resurfacing initiative will not only enhance safety but also revive economic development by facilitating smoother transportation of goods and services.”

“The executive oversight visit underscored the municipality’s proactive approach to infrastructure development. By prioritising sustainable practices and community needs, these projects aim to foster growth, enhance quality of life in our strides as this leadership to make Lekwa great again,” he said.