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Community Safety Forum: Ensuring Commitment to Accessibility and Compliance

Jun 27, 2024

The Community Safety Forum headed by MMC for Community Services and Safety Cllr Seipati Modise, recently convened at Standerton town Hall to address the compliance of foreign nationals and their governing bodies with Home Affairs regulations. The forum facilitated direct engagement between foreign national leaders and individual foreign nationals urging them to ensure compliance with all legal requirements. Home Affairs officials were present to outline necessary procedures and emphasise the importance of adhering to regulations.

During the meeting, precise consequences for non-compliance were underscored, particularly during raiding operations. The discussion aimed to clarify procedures for asylum seekers and permit holders, ensuring they understand their responsibilities and the potential outcomes of failing to comply with South Africa’s immigration laws.

The proactive approach of the Community Safety Forum reflects a commitment to fostering a safe and legally compliant environment for all residents, reinforcing the importance of cooperation between authorities and community stakeholders in upholding regulatory standards.

Cllr Seipati Modise, emphasised the critical importance of compliance and safety during the recent Community Safety Forum addressing Home Affairs regulations. She stated, “Our forum’s priority is ensuring that all foreign nationals and their governing bodies understand and adhere to Home Affairs regulations. It’s essential for everyone to comply with legal requirements to maintain a safe and orderly community. We are here to facilitate dialogue and ensure that procedures are clear, and consequences for non-compliance are understood, particularly during enforcement operations. By working together with government officials and community leaders, we aim to create a secure environment where everyone, regardless of nationality, can contribute positively while respecting our laws.”

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