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Community Safety Forum leads a successful operation in Morgenzon

May 24, 2024

In an effort to uphold safety and legal compliance within the Morgenzon community, on the 23rd of May 2024 a comprehensive operation led by MMC for Community Services and Safety, Cllr Seipati Modise, MMC for Planning Economic Development, Cllr Thabo Sebiloane, and Cllr. Dumisani Msibi, alongside key stakeholders, the operation aimed to enforce essential laws and safety measures, ranging from building structure compliance to immigration regulations.
The collaborative effort brought together various stakeholders namely, the Department of Home Affairs, Fire & Rescue department, SAPS, Community Policing Forum, AfriForum, Team Ngenelela, Kasselman Security Service, and representatives from the municipality’s Local Economic Development, and Community Services and Safety Officials. Together, they embarked on a mission to ensure the well-being and legal adherence of establishments within the Morgenzon area.
The operation unfolded with six establishments under careful examination, including three liquor and three food outlets. As a result, two illegal immigrants were apprehended, and two liquor outlets found operating with expired licenses were immediately shut down. Additionally, expired food products were seized from non-compliant food outlets, emphasising firm enforcement of safety standards across all sectors.
Furthermore, the operation extended beyond commercial premises, it went straight to the depth of the community. In response to concerns raised by the Community Policing Forum regarding drug and weapon possession among learners, Nqobangolwazi Secondary School was inspected. This action highlights the forum’s dedication to tackling new risks and creating safe school environments.
Reflecting on the success of the operation, Cllr. Seipati Modise remarked: “Our collective efforts demonstrate the power of community collaboration in safeguarding our neighbourhoods.
By working hand in hand with local stakeholders, we can effectively address safety concerns and promote compliance with essential regulations.”
Cllr. Thabo Sebiloane also emphasised: “Through initiatives like these, we ensure our dedication to fostering a culture of responsibility and accountability, ensuring the well-being of all residents within our municipality.”

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