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Debt Relief Incentive Scheme Extended

Jun 6, 2024

In an effort to meet customers half-way in paying their outstanding debts, Lekwa Local Municipality Council has extended the Rand for Rand payment incentive scheme during the Council Meeting held virtually on 04 June 2024.

The debt relief incentive scheme – which was initially set to run until 30 June 2024 – is now extended to 30 June 2025.

All categories of customers are qualifying for the debt relief incentive scheme subject to paying of 50% of the outstanding debt.

Customers who are in debt with the municipality are encouraged to apply for debt relief and enter into a payment arrangement and will have the interest on their debt suppressed.
If the customer defaults on payment agreement, the agreement will be terminated.

Customers can apply at their nearest municipal revenue office or call 017 712 9647 or 017 712 9629.

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