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Sustaining Community Safety Through Inspections

Jun 13, 2024

Over two consecutive days, MMC for Community Services and Safety Cllr. Seipati Modise and MMC for Planning and Economic Development Cllr. Thabo Sebiloane headed a proactive inspection which aimed at enhancing community safety and ensuring regulatory compliance and showcased a commitment to fostering a secure and orderly environment for all residents. The inspections focused on various aspects such as immigration and waste management among others.


The Community Safety Forum which comprises of various stakeholders including Department of Home Affairs, SAPS, Kasselman Security Services, Team Ngenelela, and municipality’s officials from various departments.


The inspection commenced on the 11 June 2024, with a thorough assessment of four convenience stores located within Standerton CBD. This initial phase produced significant results, with the detention of six undocumented illegal immigrants working within various stores and two of employers were issued with J543 fines of R1 500 and R4 500.


The second day 12 June 2024 of the inspection focused on waste management and land use practices. Complaints were received about improper refuse disposal in Burger Street flats. The Community Services and Safety Department intervened, educating residents about responsible waste management and providing schedules for refuse collection.


The inspection team proceeded to the landfill site, where they engaged with settlers who had found refuge upon municipal property. These individuals were reminded of the prohibitions associated with occupying and damaging the fence, as well as the potential consequences thereof.


With the municipality having incurred substantial fines due to neglect in managing the landfill site, settlers were urged to adhere to regulations and refrain from unauthorised activities on the premises and, they were advised to utilise the site during operational hours for recycling purposes, thereby promoting sustainable waste management practices.


MMC Modise, stated “The two-day inspection demonstrates a comprehensive approach to community safety and regulatory compliance. By addressing issues ranging from immigration to waste management and land use, we commit ourselves to fostering a secure and orderly environment. The effort and collaboration of relevant stakeholders is essential in upholding these standards and promoting the well-being of the community at large.”


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